Better Button Up...Here Comes Winter!


Need Sewer and Water Connection ASAP

Even though water and sewer are not needed until the spring, we need to add sewer before ground freezes, so we can be sure of the propoer route from street.  Water coming from Main Street and sewer going to Maple Street.

Clay pipe located...now time to cut CAREFULLY Dean...


The Addition Foundation

The kitchen, garage and "master-loft" are to be located outside of the original footrint on the back of the lot towards Maple Street on a new foundation.  There was a real push to get this foundation in prior to the winter.  the goal has always been to perform as much work during the off-seasn and getting this foundation in prior to major winter snow and ice is paramount.


Below is the new foundation footing installed below frostline...



What Do You Mean, It is Not Square?

As one would expect from a 100 year old structure that has never been heated or cooled, spent most of its time on posts, survived a house fire next door, was jacked up, placed on a new foundation and then rotated 90 degrees, it was not quite square.  Not only was it not square but the roofline sagged and the walls bowed.  Here is where Choppah earns his reputation.  He is very good at taking things that are completely out of line and making them sufficiently inline to remove any structural concern, but they still remain enough out of line to keep the "old-cottage quirkiness" intact. This is a picture or the many twisting operations that were added as the new reinforced beams and studs were installed.



The Dormer Walls Before and After Reinforcement

The Dormer's old lumber was solid, but not sufficient for today's needs.  More support and room for spray insulation is needed. Before reinforcements....

After Reinforcement....

While reinforcing care was taken to protect the classic rock memorabilia from the barn's Squirrel's Nest days such as this Jimmy Page poster with him playing his two necked guitar.  These items were left to be incapsulated inside the insulation in the wall for future generations to find....party on Garth!