Offer Accepted!!!

Okay, now to the real work finalizing plans, getting a firm quote, and financing begins!


Meeting With the Contractor

Okay, so the offer and the owner’s desired price are still far apart.  In order to make one last attempt to close the gap, a contractor meeting was needed to talk about project specifics.  Here is a shot of Ed using the clutter in the basement as a design table.

In the end the contractor was as convincing as Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.......


Final Site Visit Before Offer

Just to make sure I am not crazy (at least with respect to this house), I took another swing through Bayside and the house to create a list of potential items for renovations and so I could develop a reasonable offer. This time through I was able to look a little more past the items in the house that the last owner left behind and focus more on the structural integrity and cosmetic upgrades that would be necessary to return this vacant house back into to a great Bayside cottage.

There are some obvious deviations from the traditional Bayside style that would require some modification.  To start with...check out the Petticoat Junction Hot Tub on the back porch.....


....I can just see the engine coming around next bend.


According to my better half....the FIRST THING to go is the wood fired hot tub. I have no problem with this since it seems to be rotten anyway; besides it doesn’t really seem like something that would have traditionally been allowed at the Northport Wesleyan Grove Camp Meeting.


Finding Bayside Maine Cottage

Last weekend, we made our annual pilgrimage to the Belfast Curling Club for the Little International, the annual Men's Bonspiel that attracts folks from Canada and the US for a weekend of curling and camaraderie.  It was a lot of fun as usual and the club was all abuzz about the recent article in the February Downeast Magazine that highlighted the curling club.  The article can be found at....

Anyway...while in Belfast, I wanted to check out a little cottage I was told that had been neglected for a few years, but still had some good bones and traditional Bayside charm.  Unfortunately, it was not easy to get to the house because...well is February in Maine and there was plenty of snow, but we managed, and there was something intriguing about the house.  The rest of my curling rink (i.e. curling team) thought I was nuts because it clearly needed some work and serious cleaning, but I thought it had potential. ...that was it....It had potential.   

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