Is that a Fire Escape?

When I first looked at the house it reminded me of a fraterity or rooming house. There was a big staircase on the side.  It was February and I couldn't really see where the staircase went from the road and I couldn't get any closer because of the snow. At first I thought it was a fire escape, but then I realized it did not reach to the ground.  THAT Thing has GOT to go!

Once on the porch I realized the "fire escape" was used to access the roof deck.  In the future the roof deck with be accessed by a staircase within the existing footprint on top of the "old hottub deck" on the back of the house.  This will add curb appeal and recreate a more traditional look.


Porch Roof is Wrapped and Shingled 

After the hole was patched the roof was wrapped in ice shield.....

...and shingled


Rotten Windows Replaced

The odd shaped square windows with rotten wooden sills....

....were replaced by new vertical insulated windows.



One of the Demo-Twins needed some help

While stripping the roof deck and roofing off of the the screened and covered porch, Ira almost fell through! Luckily he caught himself before falling through. Cecil sent the picture below.  


Cecil tried to get Ira to go back in the hole for a picture, but Ira was fairly certain the only things holding parts of the roof together at this point were the shingles they were removing.

 The hole is fixed later and the roof is solid again!



Why is it called the Shearwater Cottage?

Why is the cottage at 15 Maple Street called the Shearwater Cottage? A Shearwater is a migratory seabird that travels great lengths up and down the Atlantic in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Shearwater's often nest on rocky ledges on the islands in and around the Penobscot Bay.  

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