The Insulation has been Completed

The upper floor, the main floor bathroom, and the dining room were all fitted with traditional rolls of fiberglass insulation from the inside.  

The three walls enclosing the living room were insulated with foam insulation from the outside in to preserve the orginal living room beadboard.

The foam insulation had to be inserted between the exterior planks, beadboard, the studs, and cross bracing.  Essentially each board had to be individually drilled and sprayed with foam in three locations, and then plugged.  

The pictures above show the finished product. Below is the westwall after the foam insulation and tyvec wrapping in place on the outside wall that was filled with foam insulation.


Plumbing is Up and Running!

The house has been completely replumbed. 

The plumbing passed the water test and is ready for fixtures!


Shearwater is Picture of the Day

The following was the picture of the day today!


New Windows in the Front

The windows in the front of the house needed to be replaced.  The bottom of the windows were previously too close to the roof deck floor.

Unfortunately, the current interior walls had signs of water damage from snow piling up on the deck against the window, so the walls were removed.

Two new windows were added in each front bedroom. The windows were one foot shorter in height as shown in the figure above.  Once completed insulation was added to the interior walls prior to sheetrock replacement. The pictures below show the exterior before on the left and after on the right.



The Original Screen Door


There are some things that make updating a cute old cottage a complete joy.  


I found one of those things on the very first visit to Shearwater. It was the porch screen door.  

 To the right is one of the first pictures I took of the cottage up close. Although most of the screen framing is worn out and the porch decking will need to be replaced, the porch door looked like it was in good shape....

...but it wasn't the look of the door that was classic; it was the sound.

When you open the screened door, it makes the perfect little creak and it closes with just the right amount of slap. Now that is something worth saving.

Ah...the sounds of summer!


...oh, and a nice view of the bay,         on this chilly February day...

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