A Bayside Cottage MUST!!

Well it is time to start outfitting the house, beds have been ordered, and the furniture is coming together.  Of course we started with the most important room of all...the screened porch!

What house in Bayside would be complete without real wicker furniture for the screened porch?  


A loveseat, two rockers and a coffee table have been ordered and will be delivered shortly.  



Rain, Rain...Go Away!

Well it has been raining 14 of the last 17 days or so.  

The outside of Shearwater has not seen much change during this time, but the inside is way ahead of schedule. The carrier wall between the kitchen and dining room has been removed and replaced with a beam to open up the area nicely.

The walls and ceiling in the dining room are nearing completion....


The sheetrock in the bedrooms that was removed for insulation and the new windows has been completed as well as the blueboard in the bathrooms. 

The mudding has been drying, even in this weather!

The fixtures are going in the bathroom rooms...


The Porch Support Completed

The support structure for the covered porches has been completely redone so that the entire structure slopes away from the house.  The house was jacked up at  the southeast corner of the original foundation and the new porch subfloor was installed.  From the basement structure you can really see that it slopes away from the original foundation now.


The Front Porch Floor is Now a Basement Roof


The framing for the screen porch has been removed and is stored on-site for reuse while the porch structure is rebuilt.  It was important to make sure that any new porch floor design also consider that it needs to act as a roof over the enclosed basement space.  

The edge of the new porch subfloor is shown in the picture above (picture courtesy of Jim Kelly!) 

The new framing and subfloor is pitched away from the house and will be wrapped with a rubber roof to make it water-tight as soon as the weather turns a little drier and warmer!

Once the rubber roof is placed the strapping and the new porch floor will be placed.



 The porch looks great without railings...

...not too safe though!


Shearwater Picture of the Day

Sooty Shearwaters have been seen in the Penobscot Bay....