Almost Time to Relax on the Porch!

The original intent was to replace the screen porch on the side of the front porch, but after seeing the porch completed as it was orignal intended, as a single wrap around porch, keeping it original and open as one porch is way more desireable.

We can't wait to get the new wicker furniture and the wicker swing we bought from another cottage renovation yard sale last month up on the porch!  

The orginal railings were removed for repair and painting off-site while the new fir deck was installed. Once the decking was down, the railings were reinstalled.  

In addition, the victorian trim details around the support posts were updated. Some were a little old and others had been modified to accomodate the screened porch.

The details look original once again!  



First floor is ready for the furniture

The first floor is totally complete and ready for furniture; once the second coat of floor paint hardens.  It is not easy to get the floor paint to dry beyond tacky near the bay, but it should over the long Fourth of July weekend with the ceiling fans swirling. I've had a few requests for first floor pictures so here they are....

Looking towards the kitchen from the living room.


The stairs and window trim are original and we plan to clean them up and leave them that new paint planned here.

Kitchen from dining nook above and dining from kitchen below...


There are two bathrooms total, one upstairs with new custon shower (shown previously) and this one downstairs with tub and laundry.....



Last Week of Renovation!!!

This weekend I spent some time at Shearwater installing the rope bed, bathroom rods, bedframes, blinds, driveway gravel, etc.  (with a lot of help from Adam!)

It was a good weekend.  I wanted to take pictures of the finished rooms, but unfortunately, I now understand why real estate folks use those fish eye cameras.  You can't get the whole room in one picture.  I tried the mutiple picture option on one bedroom and while it seemed to capture different angles it did not give the overall feel.

I thought I might check the Droid market place for a better camera app.  Anyone have any good fisheye type programs for the Droid? Below are some regular pictures....


The right side of the house received a small driveway this weekend. First, a little rototilling, then a liner, and finally a driveway.  The driveway picture will need to wait until next weekend because as I finished spreading the last of the mixed stone driveway surface, it started pouring cats and dogs!! 


The exterior is nearly completed. All that is left is the front and back porches...the weather is perfect for the porch floor sealer this week. Once completed, the last of the shingles will go on.  Below is the finished exterior minus the porch and access stairs....Note the victorian shingle accents....I like them a lot! Good work Cecil!







A Work Weekend at the House

This weekend Tim McCleary returned along with John Blanchette to help move some furniture and stoves into the house and to make some "built-in" furniture.  

Two stoves are being added to the house.  The gas wood stove will be centered in the living room under the floor vent to the second floor.  

It will be used to heat the house in the winter, and take the edge off in the spring and fall.

Given the insulation in the house, it won't be needed at night during the summer too much.

Below is a picture of the bench box John and Tim built for use by the porch door.

The kitchen stove was purchased from Bryant's Stove and Music shop.  When I told Tim and John they had to come to check out the meseum in the stove shop they had no idea about what I was talking about.  I told them it is a place like no other. After their visit they agreed. Below is the youtube link from their website for the doll circus. Check out their website at

We picked up the kitchen stove from the back of the shop and Basil loaded it into the back of the U-haul trailer with a fork lift.  

Boy, cast iron sure is HEAVY!

The stove was in multiple pieces but it still took four of us to bring the main unit into the house and set it in place.

Unfortunately I forget to pick up the transition duct while at the stove shop so I had to return later in the day to pick up the pipe piece (and go through the music museum one more time while I waited for the paint to dry). 


While moving in furniture and stoves we took a peek at the rooms upstairs. Although we could not walk on the fresh floor paint, I was able to snap a few pictures of the walls to show the fresh paint color.  I tried to take pictures near the ceiling or trim to show the color with respect to the white when possible...


While the paint was drying on the second floor, construction moved outside to continue with the exterior trim and the shingles....looking good!


Time for the Bayside Colors

Well the interior has been trimmed out, and the primer is on! It is now time to move outside again.  The exterior trim is being painted before the new cedar shingles are added. The color has been selected. It is BLUE JEAN blue.  You just have to love the names they give to paint colors...for the inside we will have DOLFIN'S COVE, OCEAN AIR, SUNDANCE, POTPOURRI GREEN, BUNNY GREY, and DAIQUIRI ICE.  The original floors will be painted TRUFFLE. Below is a shot of the exterior paint BLUE JEAN with the shingles being added.